1. Thank you AspenMoonMama for sharing The Baby Sleep Safety Item that Saved My Sanity post. This gadget sounds fantastic. Wish they invented this when my girl was a baby.

    Does MonBaby monitor have an age limit?

    • AspenMoonMama

      Thank you so much Carolyn! I believe the limit is 12 months because after that they may be able to try and pull it off of themselves! However, it may be suitable for seniors or elderly parents to monitor breathing and fall detection! Isn’t technology great?!
      Xo Meaghan

  2. That is pretty cool! I’ve not heard of that – I still get up and check on my three girls breathing a couple times a night and they are 1,3, & 4!

  3. p

    I have that fear as well and get freaked out when the kids sleep longer than usual. Thanks for sharing this product!

  4. Technology sure has come a long way since I had babies 30 years ago. I’ll pass this along to my daughters, who are now having daughters of their own.

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