1. Adah Chanel

    It took 9 months to gain all that weight. For those who can lose it all within a month or so, good for them! For the “rest of us”, it will take a bit longer.

    If you are nursing, you will have to follow a balanced, healthy diet anyhow. Avoid the fatty, greasy stuff and eat lots of veggies and fruit and grains. In the long run, this WILL help it come off. Also, there’re herbal teas that help to keep off the extra weight. Mummy magic weight loss tea is one that I tried and it helped. DO NOT deprive yourself of food during this time. Your baby is depending on your nutrition for its nutrition.

    • AspenMoonMama

      You are absolutely right! Thanks for pointing that out! I should have mentioned that I was not breastfeeding at the time and that I received the ‘ok’ from my doctor to proceed. I have updated this post with a disclaimer!

    • AspenMoonMama

      Thank you so much Ingrid! It helps to have a supportive partner to keep me motivated. I’m very lucky that way. If you ever need some encouragement, email me any time! 🙂 xo Meaghan

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